Chamber Committees

The Iroquois Falls Chamber of Commerce has two committees which each serve a purpose in the improvement and engagement of the Chamber. Typically meeting on a monthly basis, the committees discuss ways to grow and improve the benefits of the Chamber.

Any Member in good standing of the Iroquois Falls Chamber of Commerce is welcome to join one or both of our committees. Learn more below and see which committee would be the right fit for you!

Membership Relations Committee

The Membership Relations Committee discusses the benefits associated with our Membership program, and how they can be improved. Another topic of discussion is the planning of all of the events hosted by the Chamber throughout the year.

This committee strives to improve the benefits of our Membership program for our Members, as well as plan valuable events that will serve our Members in a way they need.

Digital Presence Committee

The Digital Presence Committee discusses the social aspects that the Chamber has to offer. This includes our website, monthly newsletters, as well as all forms of social media. COVID-19 updates, grant resources, event information and updates to our Membership program are just a few topics that the Chamber shares across its platforms.

This committee strives to share valuable information to our Members across all of the Chamber’s platforms.

Business Advocacy Committee

The Membership Relations Committee focuses on analyzing, creating, and promoting policies related to legislative and regulatory matters that are important to our chamber’s members.

This committee strives to amplify the voices of businesses, advocate for equitable policies and cultivate a dynamic ecosystem where entrepreneurship and opportunities abound.