Chamber Rentals

The Iroquois Falls Chamber of Commerce offers a wide variety of items for rent to the community.

Please see below for the complete list of items offered, as well as their pricing.


Round Tables


8 available

$10.00 each

Long Tables


10 available

$10.00 each


Fold Out Chairs

40 Grey & 38 White available

$2.00 each

Member Discount

$1 per chair cover

$1.75 per chair

Chair Covers

Black & White

200 of each colour available

$1.50 each

Member Package

$120.00 for 45 chairs and 45 chair covers



135 available

$0.15 each

Dessert Forks

120 available

$0.15 each

Dinner Forks

135 available

$0.15 each

Member Packages

300 pcs set: $35.00

390 pcs set: $42.00


Dinner Plates

125 available

$0.35 each

Juice Pitchers

8 available

$0.25 each

Candle Holders

4 available

$0.50 each

Dessert Plates

140 available

$0.35 each

Coffee Carafes

2 available

$7.00 each

Member Packages


125 pcs: $40.00

250 pcs: $75.00

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made 14 days prior to the event/pick-up. If a cancellation occurs after 14 days before the event, 20% of the total rental fee will be charged or non-refunded from the deposit provided.

This is because the day that you have booked the rental, the products are not available to other potential customers.


We accept cash, debit, cheque or e-transfer. There will be additional charges if any items come back broken, or if items are missing. Potential deposit that will be refunded to lessee if he/she returns the product, and if he/she does not cancel 14 days or less upon pick-up date. Upon payment, lessee must sign the terms of agreement and have read the cancellation policy. Pending on items, a deposit may be required.

To book rentals, please use the form below. Or contact the Chamber at

Please note: Rentals are first come, first serve. Filling out the form below does not guarantee the rentals. A representative from the Chamber will reach out to you as son as possible to confirm your request.