Share Your Upcoming Events

Do you have an event coming up and want us to advertise it for you? You have come to the right place!

Event Information

Please use the button below to access our Upcoming Event form. We ask that you provide as much information concerning the event as possible for proper advertising.

Advertising Tools

Any pictures, graphics or logos that will help with advertising the event can be emailed to the Iroquois Falls Chamber of Commerce through the button below.


Our Event Calendar is open to the public to include their upcoming events with the community. A form is available to submit to the Iroquois Falls Chamber of Commerce where the event will be reviewed and then published to the Event Calendar if deemed appropriate and in accordance with our events policy.

The Iroquois Falls Chamber of Commerce has an events policy which limits the events that will be shared on our Event Calendar.

Events Permitted

– Business events (grand-openings, anniversary celebrations, etc.)

– Fundraisers hosted by incorporated organizations

– Sports tournaments, public fitness classes, contests, etc.

– Recitals, talent shows, fairs, music festivals, etc.

– Bottle drives

Events Not Permitted

– Yard sales, garage sales, etc.

– Sales from flyers

– Birthday parties, weddings/Buck & Doe’s, funerals, etc.

If you submit your event to us and it falls under our non-permitted events, you will be notified and no further action will be taken. If it doesn’t appear on this list, it will be up to the Iroquois Falls Chamber of Commerce to deem its eligibility.

As an added benefit, the members of the Iroquois Falls Chamber of Commerce will have a link attached to their event posting on our Event Calendar to either the event information on their website/Facebook page or the registration page.

Non-members are still welcome to submit their upcoming events, however, there will be a fee of $5 for advertising on our website and Facebook page.